Issue 44: The Thanksgiving edition

Health tends to take a back seat at this time of year. But do a few indulgent meals actually move the needle?

Holiday weight gain is a common concern however, studies show that the average person gains just 0.9-2lb (0.4-0.9kg). 
 More alarmingly, research suggests that total and LDL cholesterol and hospital admissions for heart attacks go up during the holiday period. 
 With that in mind, we've rounded up a few pieces on staying healthy this holiday season without skimping on your favorite traditions. A little extra mindfulness and self-care at this time of year goes a long way! 
 Happy Thanksgiving, Elos! 
friends toasting with red wine in wine glasses
The boozy season is here! Here's what you should do to enjoy all the festivities without overdoing it. When done right, alcohol may actually offer health benefits. 
Stressed man with blue sweatshirt
The holiday season can be stressful. These supplements have been shown to lower anxiety levels, ease sleep troubles, and ease depression symptoms, when you're starting to feel frazzled. 
Man hitting alarm clock
Concerned about gaining weight gain over the holidays? Getting enough zzzs may help keep the number on the scale steady. Here's what science has to say about the connection between sleep and weight gain.
slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on white plate
With so many sweets on offer at this time of the year, it's easy to go overboard. Here are a few ideas for curbing your sugar intake without skipping holiday desserts altogether.