Smart Gummies

Personalized, seven-layer, smart gummies

Elo’s Smart Gummies is the tastiest way to achieve the efficacy of seven pills in one gummy. Each gummy is built for you from 389 million combinations tailored for your needs and goals. This product is powered by Nourished.


7 layers of nutrients to fit your needs

Choose from 8 sugar-free flavors

Dedicated Registered Dietitian coaching

Comprehensive support with the Elo iOS app


Personalized Seven-layer, Smart Gummies

Stop taking supplement pills

Pills aren’t made to taste great and are a mouthful to swallow. Generic pills lack efficacy and personalization.

7 pills in one, daily gummy made for you

Each seven-layer gummy is built from 389 million combinations.

The world’s best-tasting supplement

Smart Gummies come in eight sugar-free flavors and have the same efficacy as taking seven supplements.

Powered by Nourished

Millions of gummies sold

“These gummies make it so easy to get everything without juggling multiple vitamin jars!”

— Louisa H.


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Elo provides personalized nutrition based on an in-depth analysis of your health goals, dietary history, and biochemistry. We are pioneering a new category of Smart Nutrition products that use health and wearable data to provide the right nutrients at the right dose to help you improve your health and performance.

Yes, Elo Smart Gummies are naturally sweetened with maltitol and erythritol. This means they have much lower calories and glycemic index impact. Hence, they are a great alternative to sugar for everyone, especially those following a low-carb and low-sugar diet.

Take one Smart Gummy daily. We recommend taking gummies after a meal, but they can be taken at any time throughout the day to fit in with your daily routine.

Each shipment of Smart Gummies is freshly made to order. Please allow 14-21 days from the order for your Gummies to be delivered.

We offer 8 delicious flavors: Green Apple, Blackcurrant, Blood Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach, Yuzu, and Elo Original. You can easily manage your flavors by downloading the Elo iOS app.

It depends on your unique profile, goals, and nutrients. If you're struggling with a nutrient deficiency such as low iron, it can take several months for iron stores to return to normal. Other nutrients, such as ashwagandha and maca, have produced results in a matter of weeks.

We spent time ensuring all our ingredients are plant-based and all from top-tier suppliers. All ingredients undergo rigorous third-party testing to validate purity and dosage.

Unfortunately, the Elo App is only available on iPhone. However, we hope to expand to Android and other devices.

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