Personalized daily nutrition

Improve your energy, focus, and more with vitamins and supplements made just for you.


Elo finds and fills your nutrient gaps with Smart Nutrition™ products based on blood testing, your activity data, and one on one dietitian support.

Jordan's Goal

Support a vegan diet 
and improve my health

Blood iron lowVitamin D optimalProtein insufficientActivity level moderate

Joseph's Goal

Increase my strength 
and stamina at the gym

Cholesterol highGlucose elevatedVitamin D lowActivity level high

How it works

5 steps to optimize your health and performance

Test your biomarkers and sync your activity data to find your nutrient gaps


Get a precision nutrition plan tailored to your unique goals and evolving needs


Receive personalized vitamins and supplements delivered each month


Chat with your dietitian over video or the Elo app to support your journey


Track your progress and get new recommendations as your needs change

Feel the benefits

Fill your nutrient gaps to boost your energy, immunity, and focus

“I was honestly blown away in the first 30 days how improved my energy level was.”

— Jeff, Elo member


Experience the Smart Nutrition difference

Biomarker Testing

Discover your nutrient gaps, assess your metabolic health, and know your disease risk with a simple, at-home finger prick test.

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Cutting-Edge Science

Backed by an analysis of over 3,500 clinical trials, Elo matches your data with the latest nutrition science to recommend exactly the right nutrients for you.

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Expert Coaching

From navigating biomarker results to optimizing your nutrition plan, our registered dietitians are here to support your health journey over a video call or in-app chat.

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Pure Ingredients

Elo's supplement formulary includes over 60 nutrients, all of which undergo rigorous third-party testing to validate purity and dosage.

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