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The world’s most personalized protein powder

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Elo Smart Protein is the world’s most personalized protein product, offering a combination of high-quality protein, functional nutrient boosts such as super greens and turmeric, and real-time dosing guidance for every tracked workout. 454g per bag | iOS required.

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Whey Isolate
From U.S. cows never treated with hormones or antibiotics
Plant-Based Pea
Belgian non-GMO yellow peas. No additives or soy.

personalized recovery

Blended to your preferences, goals and activity

Activity-based dosing guidance

Added boosts like supergreens and electrolytes

Dietitian chat for advice on demand


Experience the world's most personalized protein

Smart Dosing Guidance

Build muscle and recover faster with real-time protein dosing guidance based on the intensity and duration of your wearable or app-tracked workout. Number of servings per bag will vary based on your workout activity.

Nutrient Boosts

Offset dietary gaps and support health goals with functional nutrient boosts like supergreens, turmeric, and probiotics.

Dietitian Chat

Get expert advice on-demand. Our team of registered dietitians are available anytime to answer your questions in the Elo app.

Blended Just For You

Each protein blend contains a unique mix of protein and functional ingredients based on your individual activity profile and health goals.

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“The consistency is great, blends easily and definitely seems to give a post-workout energy boost.”

– Hannu, Elo member


5 steps to supercharge your gains and recovery

Connect Apple Health with the Elo app on your iPhone


Share your preferences and goals via a short quiz in the Elo app


Track your workouts on a compatible device like Apple Watch, Peloton, or Whoop


Get real-time dosing quidance after every workout to optimize recovery


Your blend evolves with your health needs, goals, workouts, and preferences


No trends, just science and pure ingredients

Third-party tested for purity and potency and backed by clinical study, each ingredient is precisely selected to support your health journey.

Primary Ingredients

Whey Isolate

Sourced from predominantly grass-fed U.S. cows never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Plant-Based Pea

Sourced from non-GMO Belgian yellow peas. No additives, fillers, or soy.

Functional nutrient boosts based on your unique needs



For well-being


For hydration

Amino Acids

For recovery

Super Greens

For nutrients


For digestion


For inflammation

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Elo Health provides personalized nutrition products that are made just for you and your needs. We are pioneering a new category of Smart Nutrition products that utilize your health data to provide the right nutrients, at the right dose, to help you improve your health and performance.

Smart Nutrition is a new category of nutrition products that are personalized, precise, and proactive. It’s a next-generation approach to nutrition that uses a combination of your health data and the latest scientific research, to provide nutrition and supplements made just for you.

Personalized: Smart Nutrition takes personalization to a new level. It’s driven by an in-depth analysis of your wearable data, health history, and goals, allowing for more precise and effective nutrition recommendations specific to you.

Precise: Smart Nutrition is more precise. Bioavailability, format, dosage, and duration are precisely calibrated for each individual, based on human clinical data, corresponding to your exact values.

Proactive: Smart Nutrition evolves with you and gets better over time, providing helpful reminders and updating your plan as your data, and needs change. Smart Nutrition uses real-time data to stay one step ahead of what your body needs for optimal performance.

To subscribe to Elo Smart Protein, you must be over 18 years of age, live in the United States, and have an iPhone.

Your unique Smart Protein blend is determined using a combination of data from wearables and activity apps, dietary preferences, and goals. Your information is then matched with the latest scientific research to determine a blend of ingredients that both maximizes post-workout recovery and supports your health goals.

All blends are optimized to deliver 3 g of leucine - an amino acid shown to be particularly beneficial for muscle protein synthesis. The carbohydrate content of your blend is informed by previous activity data and/or personal preference, while boosts are determined based on your goals and biomarker results.

Smart Dosing refers to the custom protein dosing recommendations delivered via the Elo app after every workout. Some workouts are longer and more intense than others, warranting additional protein for optimal recovery.

Each Smart Protein dosage is calculated based on the activity you completed, your body weight, and the leucine content of your mix. Research indicates that consuming 1-3 g of leucine (an essential amino acid) after a workout helps maximize muscle protein synthesis, and dosage recommendations are crafted accordingly.

All devices and apps that send workout data to Apple Health are compatible with the Elo app. Examples include:

  • Apple Watch
  • Peloton
  • Strava
  • Garmin
  • Tonal
  • Polar
  • Whoop
  • Nike Training Club
  • Apple Fitness
  • Orange Theory

...and many more!

Learn how to sync your workout data with the Elo app here.

All Elo products are third-party tested at an independent, FDA-registered lab. This ensures that they are free of impurities such as heavy metals and bacterial contaminants, and that the nutrition label is accurate. Read more about our third-party testing process here.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information at Elo and take security very seriously. We are not affiliated with insurance companies or the government. You choose how much information you share with us and we do not share individual-level information with third parties without your consent. Elo Health keeps all personal information on HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud servers. Personal information is only kept for as long as needed for our legitimate business purposes, after which it is destroyed in accordance with our document retention policies. Your blood sample will be destroyed after the laboratory completes its analysis unless the laboratory’s legal and regulatory requirements require it to maintain physical samples. For more information, refer to our privacy policy.

No, Elo only ships within the United States at the moment; however, we hope to expand to other international markets in the future.

Because we recommend specific protein dosing based on your workout data, serving sizes will vary depending on intensity and frequency of exercise. Each bag of Smart Protein is roughly 1lb (454g) and contains 14 scoops (34g of protein per scoop).

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