Issue 49: 5 secrets for a better workout

Experts argue that what you do after a workout is just as important as the activity itself. Here's what science says about the best recovery strategies.

Research continues to show that regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your health. And for good reason--it can help reduce the risk of chronic disease and may even improve your lifespan.

However, if you ignore recovery or don’t get adequate rest, you can experience a decrease in performance, increase your risk of injury, and prolong muscle soreness. This is why it's important to prioritize recovery so you can head into the next workout feeling your best.

In this edition, we're sharing some of the best recovery secrets to help you have a better workout. From nutrient timing to macro combos, we've got you and your post-workout needs covered.

Here's to crushing your goals and feeling your best, Elos!

1. Are supplements the key for better recovery?

Dietary sources play a major role in post-workout nutrition, but what about supplements? Here are some of the best science-backed options to help increase performance, reduce inflammation, and lessen muscle soreness.

2. Nutrient timing: myth or fact?

Nutrient timing is a hot topic these days, as people claim it helps them level up their workouts. But is there science to back it up?

3. Level up your water intake with this one element.

Staying hydrated can help stimulate blood flow to the muscles, reduce muscle pain, and flush out toxins. But is water the only solution for better hydration?

4. Try out this macro crushing combo.

Looking to enhance your workout game, build muscle, and recover faster? This nutrient combo may be your answer.

5. Decrease DOMS with this simple move.

Feeling more sore than usual a few days after your workout? DOMS could be to blame. Here’s one move you can do to feel better faster.