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Retain muscle and resist cravings

Doctor-formulated daily protein blend with added boosts like fiber, probiotics and electrolytes for GLP-1 users.
Inside every scoop
Daily protein shake with essential vitamins, minerals and additional boosts to fill nutrient gaps for just $2.46/day.

24g Protein

Whey protein isolate or plant-based pea from strictly regulated USA farms.


Probiotics & fiber

1B CFU of probiotics and psyllium husk fiber to aid with changes in digestion.


15 vitamins & minerals

Vitamins and minerals designed to help you fulfill your daily nutritional needs.



An optimal ratio of potassium, sodium and magnesium.

GLP-1 BlendGLP-1 Blend

GLP-1 Protein Blend

$69 $2.46/serving
28 servings of a expert-formulated daily protein blend with a balanced, delicious mix of protein and fiber to help retain muscle for GLP-1 users.
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Benefits beyond protein

Aid changes in digestion

Added probiotics and psyllium husk fiber alleviate bowel movement changes, including constipation and diarrhea.

Retain muscle

Adequate protein intake supports muscle synthesis and repair, helping maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

Cover nutritional gaps

Each scoop contains 15 vitamins and minerals to meet daily nutritional needs, especially on days when eating is a challenge.

Feel energized

Whey and Pea Protein are specifically formulated to sustain energy levels and reduce feelings of fatigue.

“Formulated to meet the nutritional needs and amplify the weight loss success and muscle retention of GLP-1 treatment recipients.”
Zuzana Krejciova-Rajaniemi, Ph.D.
Elo Science Director
Zuzana Krejciova-Rajaniemi, Ph.D.Zuzana Krejciova-Rajaniemi, Ph.D.
“I encourage my patients on GLP-1 medications to add additional protein to their diet and to ensure regular strength training to avoid muscle mass loss.”
Robin Heister, MD
Precision Medicine Physician
Robyn Heister MDRobyn Heister MD
No trends, just science

Developed by our internal experts and top advisors in the industry

Third-party tested for purity and potency

Formulated together with GLP-1 patients

Protein ScoopsProtein Scoops

How do I know this is right for me?

Our GLP-1 Protein Blend is expertly crafted to complement GLP-1 medications, promoting healthy weight management. It enhances protein intake, supports digestive health, and helps minimize cravings with daily use.
We recommend consuming your protein daily. Start with 12 oz of any cold liquid and add 1 scoop of protein blend. Shake or blend it into your favorite recipe.
We spent time ensuring all our ingredients are all from top-tier suppliers. All ingredients undergo rigorous third-party testing.
Each bag of Protein is roughly 1lb (454g) and contains 14 scoops. Each shipment includes two bags.
No, we only ships within the United States at the moment; however, we hope to expand to other international markets in the future.
Yes, but we will offer one time purchase options in the near future. Our subscriptions allow you to enjoy free shipping and flexible cancellation policy.
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