Issue 46: nutrition tips for mood

Short days, long nights, and cold weather can wreak havoc on your mood at this time of year. The right nutrition can make a difference.

If you're craving sunshine and warmer temperatures right now, we're with you. By February, the novelty of cold weather and warm beverages has worn off, leaving many of us feeling less cheerful.

Food may not be the cure-all for mood issues, however, research shows that eating a balanced diet can help manage mood and improve focus.

In this issue, you will find tips on everything from eating for focus to dietary factors that can contribute to anxiety and depression.

Here's to staying sharp, Elos!

1. Probiotics and mental health: Is there a relationship?

Research suggests your gut exerts a powerful influence over your mood and mental health. But can taking probiotics actually improve your mental well-being? Read on to find out.

2. Magnesium and cognition.

Magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic reactions, but roughly 60% of the US population fall short of the daily recommendation. Get the scoop on magnesium supplementation for depression, anxiety, and sleep.

3. Does vitamin D influence brain function?

Low on vitamin D? It might be impacting your brain (among other things). Vitamin D deficiency is associated with various neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression.

4. The worst foods for focus (and what to try instead).

Not surprisingly, your food choices can have a dramatic impact on how you feel and think. Discover the best and worst foods for concentration in this article. Some of them may surprise you.

5. The truth about fish oil and your brain.

Fish oil is well-known for its heart healthy benefits however, it offers many more perks. From reduced inflammation to improved depression symptoms, here is how fish oil impacts your mood.

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