Meet Alayna, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach at Elo

Say hello to Alayna Hutchinson, one of our nutritionists at Elo. As a Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Elo, she is excited and passionate about preventative medicine through food and lifestyle modification. Read on to learn more about Alayna's nutrition journey.

Hello! My name is Alayna Hutchinson, and I am an Elo Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I’m excited to be part of your health journey. My history with health and wellness is a bit cyclical.

Let me start at the beginning...

As a freshman in college, I knew very little about nourishing, honoring, and taking care of my body. A three sport varsity athlete in high school, exercise meant two hour practices a day and 1-2 game days a week, year round. Food was largely team buffet banquets, as much pizza as you could steal away on the game-day bus, and constantly being ravenous no matter what I ate. And this worked for me. I didn’t blink an eye or lose a minute of sleep over what went into my body, because what mattered was scoring goals, winning games, and being with teammates.

Alayna Hutchinson next to snowy mountains

Fast forward to freshman year of college and I found myself in a new state with no teammates or athletic teams in sight, lots of anxiety, and an all you can eat food court open 24-7. The idea of working out at a gym amid hundreds of other new faces was terrifying. The combination of stress, processed food and inactivity took its toll and affected all areas of my life. After a difficult first semester, I did what any answer-seeking teenager does, and turned to Google searches. For the next 3 years, I spiraled into a frenzy of restrictive dieting, overemphasis on superfoods, and overtraining. The Student Fitness Center became my new safe space rather than something that I feared. Fueled by my newfound obsession with food, exercise, and health, I graduated with a double major in exercise physiology and biology, and was hard-set on going to graduate school and becoming a Registered Dietitian. During my three-year graduate program, my mindset about food and nutrition completely shifted. I learned about the chemical structures of every nutrient, studied metabolic pathways, and became an expert in medical nutrition therapy. After completing my 7 month internship at Boston Medical Center and passing my RD exam, I landed a job as an inpatient clinical dietitian.

Alayna Hutchinson jumping with mountains in the background

My work as an inpatient, clinical dietitian in Vancouver, Washington, showed me first-hand the devastating effects of lifestyles that don’t prioritize health. My patients were extremely sick with layers of chronic disease and acute inflictions. I loved working with people from all backgrounds, hearing their health histories, and engaging in nutrition interventions for diverse cultural backgrounds, however, I couldn’t shake the frustration that many of these cases could have been prevented through diet and lifestyle.

Enter Elo, and the 360° realization...

I came across Elo in the height of the pandemic and knew I wanted to shift gears and focus on integrative nutrition. My conversation with Silvia, Elo’s Principal Nutritionist, solidified my decision and I joined the team in May 2021.

Alayna Hutchinson with rainbow in the background

As a Health Coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Elo, I’m excited and passionate about preventative medicine through food and lifestyle modification. I am committed to research-driven nutrition interventions and constantly reading about the latest nutrition science. I know that Elo is the future of healthcare, and I can’t wait to work with you.