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Personalized supplements and vitamins

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Find and fill your nutrient gaps with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics specifically selected for your biomarkers, diet, and goals based on at-home blood testing and one-on-one nutritional coaching. Delivered right to your door each month.


Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, VLDL, LDL HDL Ratio, cholesterol HDL ratio, Hemoglobin A1c, vitamin D, vitamin B12, ferritin, homocysteine


Personalized formula of 30 daily packets

Biomarker-based lab analysis twice a year

3 video calls per year with Elo nutritionists

Unlimited in-app messaging with Elo dietitian


A smarter way to fill your nutrient gaps

Biomarker Testing

Discover your nutrient gaps, assess your metabolic health, and know your disease risk with a simple, at-home finger prick test.

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Personalized Daily Formula

Each month, get up to 7 vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in your daily packet, precisely chosen to offset any nutrient gaps and out-of-range biomarkers.

Expert Coaching

From navigating biomarker results to optimizing your nutrition plan, our registered dietitians are here to support your health journey over a video call or in-app chat.

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Progress Tracking

The Elo app puts your data at your fingertips. Access your biomarker results, learn how your supplements evolve as your needs change, and read curated health articles.

Feel the benefits

Fill your nutrient gaps to boost your energy, immunity, and focus

“I was honestly blown away in the first 30 days how improved my energy level was.”

— Jeff, Elo member


Put your supplements on autopilot in 5 steps

Take our at-home biomarker test to discover your nutrient gaps


Share your goals and preferences through a short quiz in the Elo app


Review your biomarker results with a registered dietitian


Get 30 personalized supplement packets delivered to your door each month


Retest regularly and watch your results and supplements change over time

What's Inside

No trends, just science and pure ingredients

Cutting-Edge Science

Backed by an analysis of over 3,500 clinical trials, Elo matches your data with the latest nutrition science to recommend exactly the right nutrients for you.

Pure Ingredients

Elo's supplement formulary includes over 60 nutrients, all of which undergo rigorous third-party testing to validate purity and dosage.


Active B-complex

- Heart health
 - Neurological function

Adrenal Support

- Calm and focus - Stress reduction and slap

Alpha Lipoic Acid

- Cholesterol control - Weight management - Antioxidant


- Stress reduction - Calm and sleep

AST Floracor

- Digestive health - Immune function - Cholesterol control

B-12 Methylcobalamin

- Cell division - Normal neurological function

Buffered C-1000mg

- Immune function - Heart health - Wound healing

Calcium Citrate w/Vitamin D-3

- Bones and teeth - Immune function - Blood pressure regulation

Calcium & Magnesium

- Bones and teeth - Blood pressure regulation - Premenstrual symptoms

Chromium GTF

- Blood sugar control - Cholesterol control - Appetite regulation

Cinnamon Cinnulin

- Blood sugar control - Source of antioxidants

CoEnzyme Q-10 100mg

-Cellular health - Antioxidant

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