Level-up your recovery routine in 2023

Your body is unique, and your recovery needs are, too. Here’s how personalized protein powder can support your specific health and fitness goals.

Your body is unique, and your recovery needs are, too. Here's how Elo Smart Protein can help upgrade your recovery routine.

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How it works: Elo Smart Protein

Learn about the science behind our groundbreaking recovery product and how we customize each blend just for you.

The impact of electrolytes on performance and recovery.

Electrolytes such as sodium, chloride and magnesium help regulate muscle contraction, blood pressure, and hydration status. Read on to discover why electrolytes can make or break a workout.

Whey protein vs. plant protein: Which one is better?

Plant-based protein is an increasingly popular choice post-workout but not all are created equal for recovery. Learn about the best forms of protein for recovery in this article.